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Possible custom PCIe to SATA cable for additional standard 2.5 SSD?

Is it possible that iFIxit could come out with a custom PCIe to SATA cable along with mounts needed to install a secondary 2.5 SSD or HD? I'm not technical enough to know if that is possible so I thought I would post. I know just installing regular PCIe flash memory would essentially be doing the same thing but it is so much more expensive (right now) vs. a regular 2.5 SSD.

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If you get the older model (Late 2012) you do have the option of installing dual SATA drives. Which is what I would do here if that was important to you.

The new Mac Mini has an altered the SATA setup, it only has a single SATA port now and the second port is setup as PCIe for Apples proprietary SSD units.

Sadly, there is not means to alter the interface or re-design the HD carrier to even allow a dual 2.5" drive setup. If you look as the teardown you'll see the LPDDR3 DRAM is smack under the HD so they had to move things up cutting way the space for the second drive.

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