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This is the device page for an Esteban Crystal Heart Acoustic Guitar from the "Rock On" Collection. It is a basic acoustic guitar that is recommended for beginners.

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Why are my strings buzzing?

Every time I try to play a chord, it just buzzes.

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There may be two causes.

1st: There may be lose screws in your guitar, specifically the ones holding your strings. All you need to do is tighten those screws.

2nd: You may have a low action, which means that there is little to no distance between the strings and the frets. This would require you to replace the saddle. I would recommend consulting an expert on which saddles work for you

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I agree with the loose screws theory...could be the problem, or part of it. Look also for loose tuning machines. I had a buzz in my Fender P Bass which was a loose tuning key. Without knowing what kind of guitar, hearing the buzz, and knowing more about it, it's difficult to diagnose. First, is it an acoustic or electric guitar? Does the buzz occur only on specific strings? Does it occur when the string is fretted, or open? If fretted, on which fret(s) does the buzz occur? Has the buzz always been there, or did it suddenly start? Without these answers, I can only give you some general info. Buzzes are often caused by one high fret, which may have come a bit loose from the fingerboard. Also, as Andrew suggests, the action may be too low, caused by a bridge/saddle problem, or a warped neck. Was this guitar left in a hot car or in the sun? Perhaps the truss rod is too tight, but that would not be the case if the buzz suddenly started. If there's a way to get back to me with some more info, I'll try to help more specifically.

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