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HW Mod: Replace keys w/ LogicKeyboard Cubase custom keys?

1. Difficulty level?

2. Required tools?


I own a MacBook Air 13" laptop and am looking to venture in the world of audio production. Don't flame me for not wanting to adopt Logic, but I would rather go Cubase.

That said, I cannot find a manufacturer that designs a good slipcover for Cubase, but this one company–-LogicKeyboard- rehashes an Apple Ultrathin w/ custom-printed keys.

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So the question is: You want to swap out the keycaps of your MacBook Air for the LogicKeyboard keycaps.


Yes. That is correct.


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You do understand you can use the external keyboard (both active).

As for swapping out the keycaps that maybe not possible as Apple uses a few different suppliers which have different mechanical designs. Here's a good reference: The Book Yard - KeyCaps.

I doubt you'll be able to be so lucky as for both keyboards to be the same design. Also note depending on the age of your air you will loose the backlighting of the keys here as the external keyboard keys are opaque. Sorry ;-{

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Losing the backlighting certainly wouldn't be a quip. I've kept it off since Day 1. ... Different mechanical designs?! Hadn't heard of that one. ... I recognize that I can use it externally, but I have limited deskspace and I'm trying to save the use of a USB port.


Give it a try and let us know if you are able to do it. Good Luck!


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I found the buttons.


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