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Modèle mi-2009 A1278 / Processeur Core 2 Duo 2.26 ou 2.53 GHz EMC 2326

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Why will the MacBook not power up sometimes?

I have a 13" Unibody Mid 2009 MacBook Pro that will not turn on most of the time. It will charge and show a charging indication with the battery LEDs. It works perfectly when turned on, it restarts fine.

I received this from a friend to fix, it turned on immediately for me when I connected it to MagSafe connector. The next time I shut it down was right before I returned it the next day (after upgrading it from Snow Leopard to Mavericks). When I arrived at my friend's house, the MacBook Pro did not start back up. So I took it back for further diagnostics. Sometime on my way home while the MacBook was in it's box, it turned on. I believe this to be the case because I immediately opened it up when I got home and saw the login screen instantly when opening the display. This was very strange behavior. I have never seen a MacBook spontaneously turn on (like an iMac after a power outage). I'm not sure how to interpret this since the battery connection appears to be fine and has been reseated the day before.

Initially, I thought a problem was with the power button, but jumping the power pads on the logic board didn't work either. I was able to shut down the MacBook and restart it two more times without any problems after I got it running again.

I returned it again and suggested that they let it sleep and never shut it down completely. They did not heed my advice and shut it down that night. The next day it would not power on.

The battery shows a full charge and tested to last more than 2.5 hours of constant use unplugged. It does not matter if the MacBook is plugged into the MagSafe connector or not, the problem exists the same. I have also tried removing the battery and turning it on with only the MagSafe power cord as the only source of power to rule out the battery as the source of the problem.

What could cause this intermittent failure to turn on?

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I have seen many MacBooks turn on when something presses on the lid/bottom. It's not recommended that you put MacBooks in bags, squeeze them into tight spaces, or stack anything on them.

I suspect you are seeing behavior from a cracked battery due to one of the above situations. I had the exact puzzling behavior from a MacBook Air someone put their luggage on when it was in an overhead bin. It wasn't until I lifted the battery out of the MBA that I could see a crack in the battery. Apparently what was happening was as I moved/traveled with the MBA the case and battery would flex causing/repairing the no-boot, no-charge behavior.

History or querying your fiend as to exactly when, and how s/he supposes the behavior started may confirm or reject my supposition.

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The MacBook Pro was actually transported in it's original box and nothing was on top of it. I did remove the battery and it appeared to be fine. However, even if the battery was cracked or somehow malfunctioning, it doesn't explain why the MacBook Pro won't power up with just the MagSafe connector, with or without the battery installed.

My friend doesn't remember the last time it was running before I started and upgraded the software and OS X on it. Coincidently, her MacSafe power supply was faulty and I suspected originally that was the only problem (a valid assumption since the MacBook turned on perfectly with another MagSafe connector?). I thought I had one of the easiest repairs ever!


That's Murphy showing up... the "easy" repairs take forever, and the ones you dread often go like a breeze. As long as you don't see any crack in the battery it's not your issue... just relating what I had found as a possible cause.


Yes, you're very correct. I have indeed seen Murphy. I've seen "easy" repairs take forever, and a dreaded repair end up being a piece of cake! The first time I replaced a SMD on the logic board, it was a breeze as soon as I did it with the right tools. I have to remind myself that flux is a great friend!


Thanks originalmachead, what you've described may not have been the issue for the asker but it does fit a lot my case. I've started to have this behavior with my Macbook Air 11" this morning, I'd carried it down to my holiday house in a bag that was indeed a bit too tightly packed this time, and next morning it didn't power up, not even with MagSafe plugged in (didn't even light up when plugged in). It was a mid 2013 MBA and I first thought that it may be a logic board failure, as many people with the exact same model reported this issue with similar symptoms (many suggesting it may be a manufacturing problem affecting certain mid 2013 MBAs). It was scary because my 3 year Apple Care had expired just 2 weeks ago and replacing the logic board, unless Apple plays it very nice, could cost 500-700 euros. But then I've carried it back home in my overpacked bag again and now it powers up like a charm! Your idea with broken battery would explain this and would be much less costly too. So I'm gonna get it checked!


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