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Sorti le 19 septembre 2014, cet iPhone avec un écran de 5,5" est une version plus large de l'iPhone 6.

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iPhone 6 + rear camera not working


I have an iPhone 6 + with a faulty rear camera, when I open the camera app, it get freezed, I can not take any picture or video.

The front camera is working.

What I did:

- Clean restore to ios 8.1 without restoring any backup, the same problem.

- Reset all setting, nothing.

- I did disassemble the phone, disconnect the camera from the mother board, and connect it again, still the same issue.

If I change the camera, it will work? because the flash led is not working as well.


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2 solutions

Take to Apple they will cover as device is still in warranty

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Even if I did disassemble the phone?


As long as everything is in proper place they will never know


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i have the same problem and i change camera but still not working i will read schismatic diagram and made measuring a

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