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Modèle début 2011, A1278 / 2.3 GHz i5 ou processeur 2.7 GHz i7.

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MacBook Pro (Not Charging) MagSafe Board + Battery Connector replaced

I have a Macbook Pro 13 early 2011 , suddenly sent me a message that my battery is not loaded , check my magsafe and LED indicator marked as green , a term for Macbook PRO downloaded and faded .

Then I thought it was my battery was failing and buy a new one, install it to load and my magsafe still indicating LED green , so I decided to try my charger in another Macbook pro thinking that there was a failure , but this charge the other battery Macbook pro without problems making the change to amber indicates charging .

After I put my new battery in another Macbook Pro where I tried my charger and it works flawlessly there .

Then as he was slow my Macbook pro install from scratch Yosemite thinking that perhaps it would recognize my new battery recognizes sends me having only 2 cycles without loading.

Then perform the SMC reset by pressing the Shift , CTRL, ALT keys AND ON FOR 5 SECONDS and nothing , change the card where the magsafe is connected to the motherboad and nothing, I do not know what to do, someone can help me .

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1 solution

Try the replacing the battery indicator on side of machine by the hd if same issue then board issue

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