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any one can conform that this kit works for mac mini 2014

I compared the teardown of 2012 mac min and 2014 mac mini on It looks like this Sata connector is the same as the 2014 Macmini with 5400rpm harddisk.

While I already have a 256G ssd, so I would like take advantage of it by just ordering a Mac mini 2014 version with 256G pci-e flash storage only.

so does this connector work ?


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Sorry I missed your posting.

First: Yes, the SATA cable is the same between the tow systems and people have been installed HD's in SSD models to create fusion drive'ed mini's with larger config's than Apple ships.

As to your desire to put in a 2.5" SSD drive instead of a HD, while it's possible. It's not something I would recommend. Most people need more storage than 256 GB your SSD offers. As you most likely know larger sized SSD's are very expensive! While their price will drop it will still be awhile. In the mean time I would recommend going with something that offers better performance than a traditional HD and that is a SSHD hybrid drive. Review this: Seagate Laptop SSHD.

Another alternative way is an external RAID'ed drive setup connected via the Thunderbolt connector.

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