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The Meizu MX3 smartphone, by Meizu Technology Co., Ltd., released September 2013.

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Meizy MX3 top speaker won't work when calling someone.

The phone works perfectly though I have one issue. When I make a call I only hear the other persons voice if the phone is on loud speaker this is because the tiny speaker on the top of the screen does not work, I don't know if its a software or hardware issue.

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Since you can still hear the other person when using speaker phone, chances are it isn't a simple volume error. I would still check to make sure that the in-call volume is set to max so you can be certain that nothing is coming out. Also, it wouldn't hurt to quickly reinstall your devices software to make sure that the loss of in-call volume isn't due to some unknown software error. If none of that helps, the speaker in your phone is probably broken, and will need to be replaced.

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