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The Blade ZTE E is an Android platform smart phone released in 2013 (Model: V956).

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Why is my device becoming unresponsive or frozen?

I was browsing through one of the applications on my phone and my phone became suddenly frozen. Do you know how to fix this problem so it won't happen again?

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I found that I am having the same problem. I was watching a tv show on my phone and it suddenly froze. i wanted to take out battery but I believe the ZTE was going against removing the battery ( orit may have been reffering to not disassembling the actual battery block itself). So I didn't and of course I don't want to as it is on. My only solution at this point is to leave it to run out of battery,Does anyone have any other suggestions for me as to other ways to fix it?


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You should try cleaning your screen, if your phone isn't visibly broken I would also restart the phone and see if that helps any. If you have more questions try the Troubleshooting page.

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touch screen still not factory reset.....but still ding it

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