WD My Book 1230 dropped and wont read now.


I dropped my 'WD My Book 1230 - 4TB'. It didn't break at all. The USB got pulled out, once I reconnected, it worked fine for a couple of minutes, it was playing a song, which stopped midway, the I tried to reconnect it and the song continued from where it stopped, after the song ended, the HDD was no longer detecting the remaining files, the HDD was connected to my T.V. when it fell.

After all of the above, I tried to connect it to my laptop and it didn't read at all, didn't show up on 'My Computer', tried reconnecting a few times, but it wouldn't read at all.

It has very important files in it, please help me find a solution to fix the HDD without losing any data.

The disk's light is on as usual, and it seems to be running from the sound. It did try to show up on 'My Computer' after a few times connecting and disconnecting, but didn't happen.


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