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MacBook Pro completely dead

Hi everyone

The laptop has no hard drive in it.

The battery is gone, it says it is charging it and it seems to do so in about 1hour and 40minutes, but when I unplug the MagSafe it goes in hibernation after few seconds.

I started this laptop several times with no problems.

Before investing in a new hard drive I tried the pc for a whole afternoon with ubuntu12.04 cd.

Everything was fine, I then shut the pc down and maybe that's when something went wrong:

the ubuntu logo only was showing as normal, but the pc wouldn't turn off.

After a couple of minutes I decide to force it and I switch the pc off holding the power button.

That was the last time I've seen the pc alive, no other minor signs of life since then.

MagSafe is showing orange light with battery installed, green without.

I tried SMC resetting.

I tried moving and switching the RAM.

I tried shorting the power-on pads.

Now I'm trying iFixIt as a last resort.

Thank you very much to all for your help

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You can try:

  • holding the power button down for a few seconds (more than a poke but less than 10),
  • A PRAM (command-P-R) boot
  • removing the power for overnight

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It works!

Can't really tell what made it work.

Following machead3 points:

1 - I did SMC resetting for the 20th time just to satisfy point one.

2 - PRAM boot wasn't possible given that the machine wouldn't boot at all.

3 - Power has always been removed overnight.

My guess is that the machine needed to be unplugged and switched off for some day as someone recommends (mysteries of Macintosh).

The problem was that I couldn't sit down and do nothing for more than 24 hours, waiting for the miracle to happen.

A little information outside thread:

Now that the machine works, a PRAM boot seems to have helped improving the sound quality.

I'll keep the thread open for a while, I'll be back in few weeks to let you guys know if the problem didn't show anymore.

Thank you very much machead3 for your help.


2-PRAM is an instantaneous action followed by a bong... the machine never actually boots. The first one does nothing but prepare the machine for the second which must follow imediately... I've always let it go once more (3X). No "mystery" about no power for 24hrs... capacitors take that long (sometimes longer) to discharge.


It has been now about two weeks since the pc came back to life.

I started and restarted it dozens of times since then and I never experienced the same problem anymore.

Many thanks to machead3 for his help.


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