Why is my device not charging correctly?

I have an Ipod touch 5th gen (16GB, no camera) that I got a few years ago. And up until today it has charged perfectly fine. But now the device doesn't charge unless I use a strange apparatus to squeeze the lower section of the device. The only other way that I have to get the device to charge is to push on the device while it charges on an angle. While trying to find the source of the problem initially, we discovered that the lower right of the screen doesn't fully sit down like the rest of the screen does. I have not had a case on my iPod for about a year due to a defective case. I cracked the screen on a lower left section but only from the edge to the home button, but other then that and a few dings along the edge there is little to no external damage on my iPod. This may or may not pertain to a whole lot of other customers but I'm not sure whether or not it is worth it to send it in to get repaired, repair it myself, or if I should just get a new one.

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Check your wire first it may be bad I had same problem with phone wires not charging my phone may save you some $$$ oncostly repairs you may not need


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