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A series of 40 inch LCD HDTVs by Sony.

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I can`t watch some digital channels

i start up auto options to memory the digital chanels but channels up 730 mhz i can`t watch because theu are not in cnannel list.i tried with manual but it is the same.


The problem is that I have 3 TV's but the Sony Bravia can't tune all of the channels and the other TV's can.

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Can you give us the model number and when you got it (year of manufacture).


model number of TV is KDL40R450BBAEP

and year of manufacture is july 2014


Has it ever worked? What country are you using it in? Explain the 750 mhz since that is usually reserved for satellite TV.


I`m from macedonia and i have new TV Sony bravia and I have cable TV . i watch chanels till 730 mhz but not higher like egzample 746 mHZ and other higher frekfency. I have two other TV samsung and philips and on those I can watch all channels with frekfency higher than 730 MHz


Can you give us the model info for one of the working sets? Se below on what your set can access.


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The channels are most likely part of a premium package and are scrambled. Talk to your service provider about this.

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Depending on the age of the TV it's possible the tuner is limited.

It's also possible the region the set was intended for didn't allow TV's access to these frequencies (Asia or Europe).

Lastly, your tuner maybe bad. You'll need to compare the specs for the Sony set to one of your other sets.


Here's some info I dug up on your Bravia TV (foreign market version):

For the Foreign market: UK Specs and the tuner info: DVB-C

For the US market model US Specs and the tuner info: Clear QAM

As you can see the tuners are not the same which could explain things if you are using this set in the US (north america).

Here's a good guide on the different countries TV frequencies: Television channel frequencies

Lastly heres a good reference on the US cable TV frequencies: Cable Television Channels vs Frequency in MHz

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  • Analog: UHF/VHF/Kabel, abhängig von der Landes-/Gebietsauswahl.
  • Digital: UHF/VHF/Kabel, abhängig von der Landes-/Gebietsauswahl.
  • Satellit*1: IF Frequenz 950-2.150 MHz

Tonausgänge (nur für Spannungsversorgung von 19,5 V)

  • 8 W + 8 W (KDL-40R48xB, KDL-40R45xB)
  • 5 W + 5 W (KDL-32R43xB, KDL-32R41xB)

*1 Nicht alle Fernsehgeräte verfügen über DVB-T2- oder DVB-S/S2-Technologie oder Satellitenantennenanschlüsse. Your set may not have "DVB-T2-or DVB-S/S2"


Input/Output Signals

  • Analog: UHF/VHF/Cable, Dependent on the Country/Region
  • Digital: UHF/VHF/Cable, Dependent on the Country/Region
  • Satellite *1: IF 950-2150 MHz Frequency

Audio Outputs (only for power supply from 19.5 V)

  • 8 W + 8 W (KDL-40R48xB, KDL-40R45xB)
  • 5 W + 5 W (KDL-32R43xB, KDL-32R41xB)

*1 Not all television sets will have DVB-T2 tuner with DVB-S/S2 Technology under Satellite use option. Your set may only have "DVB-T2 or DVB-S/S2"

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Answer is very simple: When you select Macedonia, Croatia and some other countries TV does not search all frequencies. Because of some lazy and hasty people in Sony , Philips , LG... which didn't check all cable providers in those countries. So when you select DVBC (or before) you have to go to digital settings and choose fully

For Sony

(Channel Setup -> Digital TV Settings -> Digital Setup -> Auto Search Range -> Fully)

(in Croatia: Postavljanje kanala->Postavke za digitalni TV->Digitalno podešavanje->Raspon automatskog pretraživanja->Potpuno)

For Philips

After you select DVBC and Digital or Digital and analog or analog instead of start (pokreni) you have to go on settings (postavke) and channel search method (metoda traženja kanala) Full (Puno )

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