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Modèle n° A1367 / 8,16,32 ou 64 GB de capacité

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My iPod shut off while playing music and now won't do anything.

so i was listening to music in my truck had the ipod plugged into the usb and playing music. then all of a sudden the music stopped and the ipod when black. i tried plugging it in to put it into recovery mode but it didn't work. it has been un responsive to everything so far and nothing has worked. i'm willing to take it apart but i wouldn't know what to look for or what to replace. does anyone know what might be wrong or how to repair it?

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Hi Nic

Have you already tried holding the power button and home button for 10-15 seconds? By doing that it'll make the device do a hard reset.

Is there any physical damage done to the device?


k so i replaced the battery but there is still no response from my ipod. the only thing i broke when doing it was the copper connection on the metal screen by the rear camera but i don't feel like that is of big importance. i'm just curious still why my ipod wont work and why it died in the first place.


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It sounds like you may have a bad battery on your hands, it isn't terribly difficult to replace, though if you don't have much experience opening them up, I would advise bringing it to a reputable repair shop and having experienced technicians look at it for you to be sure.

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