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Modèle A1278 mi-2010 / processeur core 2 Duo à 2.4 ou 2.66 GHz

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Why is my screen black after installing a new HD and RAM

I recently followed the steps for installing a new hard drive (the recommended 500gb drive) as well as new RAM (crucial 8gb, 2-4gb). When trying to power up afterwards, I hear my computer turn and it accepted my install disc but the screen remains black. I did unplug the battery during repair but plugged it back in. I did not notice anything break or go wrong while replacing. I appreciate any thoughts.

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Double check the seating of the RAM and the HD cable. 99.044% of the time a reassembly issue is a connector (connection) that turned out to be lose or incomplete. Of course the RAM is 1066 MHz DDR3 SDRAM (PC3-8500).

Have you tried to boot from a different volume? If the HD is not formatted, and there's no OS on it you should at least get a grey screen - to install the OS and format the drive you will need a boot volume of some sort.

Connect an external monitor - if that works normally you have an onboard video chain problem (at lest the CPU/GPU logic board are OK)

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Thanks for the quick response, I'm not going to have time to mess with it again for a few days but I'll give those things a try.


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