LCD display has got crazy pattern suddenly.

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The display on my Mac Book Pro A1211 has suddenly got weird black triangular shapes all over it. Cannot find a specific image anywhere else that looks like it. It works fine in Target Mode and copies. It works fine using other Mac and rebooting HD using "start up disk". So HD appears fine and guess it is a logic board or graphic card problem? Or LCD display??

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This appears to be a graphics card failure (rare on this model). Hook it up to an external monitor to confirm. Please give us the last three figures of your serial number to confirm the exact machine.


The A1121 had only 2 machines. The 2.16 GHz and the 2.33 GHz.

They both use the Radeon X1600 graphics chip on the logic board. Do a search on eBay for A1121 & repair. Looks like a decent repair with a warranty will cost $150 to $130. But also do a search for the whole machine as I just saw a very good used one for $200. They have bottom cases with a working logic board for $115. Here's the guide on replacing the board: MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo Model A1211 Logic Board Replacement

If I were doing it, I'd upgrade to the 2.33 GHz logic board.

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hooked up the monitor from my mac pro. Don't know if this is a perfect match but it fitted! The mac pro screen simply mirrors what is on the laptop screen? SN. v5j4. Thanks.


The serial number seems to be the one from your MacPro not your MacBook. If the artifacts are appearing on your external monitor, then your graphics chip has failed.


sorry!! it is it is "rowog" they may be numbers or letters


is that fixable and if so what parts? Thanks!


That's why I wanted your serial number, so I know your exact machine. Look in the battery compartment. A complete serial number would be even better.


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