Released in April 2011, the D5100 replaces the D5000 as one of Nikon's popular consumer DSLR cameras. It features a replaceable Nikon F-mount lens.

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Did I order the wrong LCD replacement part?

I ordered i replacement lcd screen on line threw Ebay for my nikon d5100 and when i opened up the screen the back of it is just a flat piece of metal and the one on the camera has a circuit board on it with 3 wires and a few ribbons . Did i order the wrong screen or am i suppose to pull that circit board off the original and somehow affix it to the new one.

My camera when opened looks just like the one in your video on this site

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Same question here. Anybody have an answer?


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I found the answer to my own question .The circuit board is glued to the back of the lcd screen so i used a vary thin vary sharp knife to slide between the screen and the circuit board .They came apart nicely but i ended up breaking one of the connectors for the ribbon tape on the circuit board . I ended up in the end buying a complete unit for the back for a vary reasonable $40.00 .If you go this root you will need to spit the camera case in half but there is no soldering involved . I wood recommend buying a high end #3 Philips screw driver

because i used a cheep one and stripped 2 or more screws that i had to drill

out. Also in the step buy step guide in the solutions section for spitting the case he forgot the 3 screws around the eye piece . My camera is now working well.

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sorry the phillips screw driver is a #00 not a #3


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