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When I move the pointer the whole display moves around and misbehaves?

The display moves around just as you would move around a web page on a smartphone or tablet with your finger. The whole display moves around when I move my finger around on the trackboard of the Mac Book.

I was think about replacing the display data cable?

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I don't think it could be the display cable if the display is presenting a good picture. I would look more into the trackpad. Maybe restarting the computer to reset things. or if the trackpad is getting stuck causing the computer to think you are selecting something.

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Just to double check, I went into the system preferences and went into trackpad settings, and sure enough it had been set to move the image with the track pad. The screen is back to normal, but the image wont fit the display like the zoom is on, but I have it on the lowest size: 1280×800....any suggestions?


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