SuperDrive motherboard socket replacement?

Hi there! I was removing the SuperDrive out of my A1286 and I ended up prying too hard the connector and destroying the socket on the motherboard. The connector is still ok, the problem is that there's no socket anymore and just 4 pins left. Is there a way I can buy a new socket and glue it up on the MB? I can't find them :( Thank you very much!


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Michele, sorry but glue is not the right thing to do . You will have to solder it back onto that board. Post an image of your damaged connector/logic board with your question so we can see what you see. Also, what are the last four digits of your computers serial number? With that we can properly identify your computer and the associate hardware.


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Glue is not a conductor so give up on that thought.

The connectors are hard to find - though a qualified computer repair shop or small electronics repair shop may have, or have a source for them.

Removing the logic board to send or take to such a repair shop is an even more daunting DIY project than replacing the optical drive.

IMHO your best next step is to seek professional assistance (less you damage more parts).

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Hi! Thank you very much for your answer!

I am reading again what I posted and I know it may sound pretty strange to glue up something on a motherboard ;'D I actually meant to fix that thanks to the four pins still soldered on the MB, then add some glue to the sides... I don't actually use that SuperDrive, I just don't like knowing it's out of use at all. Buying a socket and soldering it to the MB would cost me nothing, that's why I would have liked to go that way. As you say, I would probably solve seeking professional assistance, but it would be expensive. Despite the cost, unless I find the socket, professional assistance is the best thing I can do to solve my case, but now as now I would like to save that money.

Thank you very much again for the time you dedicated to me.

My best regards,


PS If, for every reason, you come across about a Sup.Drive socket availablity, please, let me know!


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