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Contrary to popular belief, Linux is not an operating system but an operating system kernel that is used as the base for an operating system and is mostly used on servers, however, it can also be used on a standard desktop.

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Can't mount USB device in Ubuntu live?

I have an SD card on the FAT format and windows wont allow me to view them unless i format them which i dont want to do as it will cause me to lose all the data.

any suggestions?

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You're lucky, Ubuntu can read the data. Just copy the data over to the hard drive, then format the SD in win7- fat32 would be perfectly fine. After that copy the data over to the win7 computer.

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Ubuntu cant read the disc as it needs to be mounted? I cannot do this?


what were you viewing the data with originally?


a phone, but the phone supported FAT16?


have you tryed to Reboot with the SDcard in the slot.

than Do a PCI re-scan?


echo 1 | sudo tee /sys/bus/pci/rescan


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