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L'Apple iPhone 5s fut annoncé le 10 septembre 2013. La réparation de ce modèle est très similaire aux modèles précédents et requiert des tournevis ainsi que des outils pour faire levier. Disponible en version GSM ou CDMA, 16/32/64 Go de stockage et en argent, doré ou gris sidéral.

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ripped diode to the left of the digitizer fpc?

Hi everyone, I seem to be in a tricky situation here. I was repairing a 5s because the touch wasn't working. It was also cracked. At first I thought it was just the screen, but a new one doesn't work the touch still. So when I peel up that black protection sticker covering the diodes and ICs, one of the diodes somehow was stuck on the glue. I'm assuming it's because the chip is ripped off is why the touch is not working. Unfortunately the pad is ripped off too, so no luck trying to solder it back. Does anyone know where the bottom pad trace leads to? The top one looks good still. Maybe I can just run a wire to it?

Block Image

Block Image

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Ah ok. Thanks for the info. So if I have this right, this is what should be done? And I wasn't sure if that was C306?


Agreed but, chances are they most won't need to replace the capacitor, as it most likely wasn't connected to the pad that remained on the board or it wouldn't have come off the way it did.


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If you can see that copper dot in the middle you can actually just solder the capacitor onto it

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