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L'Apple iPhone 5s fut annoncé le 10 septembre 2013. La réparation de ce modèle est très similaire aux modèles précédents et requiert des tournevis ainsi que des outils pour faire levier. Disponible en version GSM ou CDMA, 16/32/64 Go de stockage et en argent, doré ou gris sidéral.

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Battery drain after battery replacement

Hi everyone,

I have an Iphone 5s that didn't last more than half a day. I figured that I had to change the battery which I did. Unfortunately, the issue is still there.

I heard that new OSes can have an impact on the battery life but still even when following these tips, I can't manage to have a reasonable battery life.

Can you help me find out what is wrong with my phone please?


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When/why/how did this issue begin? Drop? Liquid spill? Out of the blues? Following a repair?

It could be a software issue (restore), damage on the board (examine it visually at first), etc. In my opinion, give us more details to receive better support.


Hi, Thanks for your reply. The issue started to happen a bit more than a month ago. I built a custom battery and tried with several stuff and my phone, amongst others. It seemed to be fine at the beginning but that's when it started to have a significant shorter battery life. From that moment, nothing else happen (you'll tell me that it's already enough). When replacing the battery, no leakage had happen in the phone. I've been doing some research and an article is explaining that some cheap quality lightning cables can damage the logic board and more particularly the power management IC chip labelled "U2" on iPhone 5. Did my experiment with my custom battery could have damaged that specific element on the mother board of my iPhone 5S leading to malfunctions in charging the battery however good it can be? The phone doesn't have any other issue at all. It works perfectly. The only thing is the battery life. Could it be the only explanation? Thanks for your help.


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Keeping in mind that often batteries found on the market are of poor and/or uncertain quality, there is a good possibility that you damaged/shorted a component in a way that will cause power to be consumed at a faster pace, and/or caused damage to the "power management IC." Typically, a damaged U2 IC on an iPhone 5 would cause the batteries to drain very quickly and/or would render the phone incapable of restarting from an empty battery.

But since you manipulated the phone, I would advise that you start with a careful examination of the logic bard around the battery connector. Use good magnification. Look for anything damaged, missing, part removed, burnt, etc. If you find nothing, I would then examine the battery circuit for shorted/bad components. More troubleshooting is possible, but I would personally start with the above.

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I don't have access nor the time to examine the phone again but I'll come back to you if I find anything worth telling.

Thanks for your help.

In the meantime I accept your answer.


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Iphone 5s.Have the same issue after battery replacement, find a temporary solution.

when Disconnected Home button flex cable from logic board, battery drain stopped.

Tried many different home buttons but when connected battery draining started again.


Actually I also changed home button and charing socket nothing changed. The phone still draining battery while on standby except home button flex cable departed from the socket.

Couldn't find different solution

Any idea what the problem is?

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