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Where can I get a replacement display screen for my device?

I dropped my device, so the screen is cracked in multiple places. I have already successfully removed the display screen from the Oculus Rift without any observable damage to the rest of the device, but I don't know where I can find a replacement screen. If possible I really don't want to upgrade to a DK2 since it is expensive — however, I am open to the idea of upgrading the resolution on the screen with a replacement.

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Unfortunately, Oculus VR doesn't offer replacement/repair services for the DK1 because they have already released a DK2 and are working on an even newer consumer model. On the other hand, this gives you a lot of freedom in what screen you can use. You can actually use an iPad mini screen to replace your Oculus Rift screen, but in case you don't have a broken one of those around, there are other models you can use.

The screen I recommend is the Innolux hj070ia-02d 7" LCD screen. You can buy the Innolux LCD on Amazon or Ebay for relatively cheap.

To make sure you actually need to replace the screen, refer to the Oculus Rift Troubleshooting page, and follow the directions from there.

To access the display screen, use the Oculus Rift DK1 Teardown guide.

Hope this helps!

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