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LCD - Backlight missing some illumination

Just replaced the digitizer and on re-assembly I've noticed the bottom edge of my ipad has four dark patches. Looks like some of the backlighting LED's are not working? Could it be a single damaged filter connecting the LCD connector? Looks like there are 6 LED drive connections off the connector, so just wondering if I have blown a filter?



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Matt, Can you post a picture.


Any ideas guys??


help?? Please..


Hey Matt--looks like you solved this, congratulations! You want to update this question to show us which component was damaged?


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I guess the only way to really know is too try a different LCD. The LCDs are pretty fragile. Could also be connector damage, but try a different LCD first then go from there.

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It was the filter - one of the 6 was o/c, therefore losing a string of Led's.

par Replaced one of the 6 filters (labelled as Resistors) as shown on this photo in the green box. These 6 Filters connect to the LED Strings in the LCD, so if one goes down you lose a whole string! :-)


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