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An entry level Android smartphone from Tracfone released in mid 2013.

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Setup wizard loop how to fix

Hi, i recently got this phone and after installing a few ringtones the phone start acting very slow, so i decided to follow (advice) and reset the phone, now it stuck in setup wizard on the add google accounts screen and to no avail have i been able to get out of that wizard plz help.

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I had the same problem did a factory reset after i messed some stuff up rooting it and then got stuck at that setup window. It asks for google account you put it in go through all that then brings you back to that. First try pressing the, volume up then, volume down then, back button, and then home button. If that doesnt work do this. To get out of that restart the phone then let it sit on the first screen that comes up until the battery drops to 20 or 30% and it brings up a battery use screen. you hit that and you can get into the settings, but stay in battery thing till it says manage apps, (or hit the back button on the screen to get in the settings then select apps), go in there stay under apps running scroll down to you see i think it was google account setup (something like that) and LG setup wizard(also something like that) select those then force stop them and select disable on each. then after that you should be able to get back to the home screen. At least thats what worked for me after messing around for 5 days on that screen. If while trying this you hit back to many times and it brings you back to the loop setup screen restart it and then go back in the battery usage way. I hope this works for you.

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root the device using Iroot then use this tool to disable setupwaizwrd (one click)

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