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Zune can't receive media, hold media, won't play media.

So a few days ago I synced a few songs on to my Zune 80. I go to sit and listen to them, and my entire Zune is BLANK. No pictures, no songs, no games, everything is GONE. Not from the computer, but from the Zune. now in the Storage menu, it informs me that out of 80g, about 70 are taken up, the Zune even says so in the Settings>About>Storage. Here. Right from the menu:

0 Songs

0 Pictures

0 Videos

73.14 GB used

1.12 GB free.

So in the music section, it simply lists "No Items", and this is the same for all content-bearing areas. And also, the Zune software acknowledges that I have content on it. What the *%*! is going on?

I've tried restarting it too.

That was about three days ago. Well I decided to just wipe it clean, clear all data, reset the firmware and start all over. So I do that, and now it doesn't say that there's 70 G taken up. So I go to sync some material and see what the situation is. Same thing with a new problem. I can't sync more than, lets say, 15 songs, before a window pops up saying "Zune Player is Not Responding" and giving me an error code of C00D124D.

The next day, I managed to get ONE SONG to sync to the device and I went to listen to it and it says 'the item is missing or can't be played'. Could this problem be with the sync cable? Because after almost five years of owning this specific Zune, I'm not too comfortable throwing it away. I'm willing to work on it myself if someone can help me identify the issue. If there's something wrong with the syncing cable or something.

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I don't think it's a cable related issue - it sounds more like a zune problem.

CLICK here for the support page from microsoft, it should help you fix the error.

but i think that the content is lost - but if you are using windows - you should first try to use ZEE, maybe you can copy some files to the computer before you "nuke" the zune

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It's simple your hard drive is bad, I fix these all the time. Go to


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