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Yellow plastic on Connectors?

Could someone explain to me exactly what i am supposed to do with these yellow plastic pieces on this glass replacement?

Do i take them off???? Why are they here? they are confusing me....

What to do with yellow tapes

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It is kapton tape and is there as an insulator for the exposed electronics. If you remove it you will need to replace it with the black tape on the original glass or the digitizer and home button will not function properly when you put it back together.

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ok so i leave it all on? dont touch any of it???


Yes that is Correct.


and what is the name of the black tar-like glue under the glass that comes already inside of the ipad?

is there something similar that i could buy at like a home depot?


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leave the kapton tape alone, as Brian suggests.

I can see that your replacement digitizer already has the black adhesive sticker pre-installed. After testing, when you're ready to do your final seal, pull the plastic covering off your black adhesive sticker all the way around your screen. Don't forget to pull the plastic off the inside of the digitizer as well. Seal your new screen, then gently heat the edges of the mini to activate the adhesive and create a stronger bond.


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Thank you jessa. and yes i plan on doing that, but i am in need or the black tar-like substance, that is already inside the ipad, the really sticky black stuff.. i would like the name of it, because i would like to buy some, even for another porject

what is the black tar stuff called?


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