Tablet is not turning on (power led and camera led are responsive)?

Hi at first I would like to thanks for grate help/guides. Those ware really helpful when I needed to replace screen in my T100TA couple of months ago.

Now to get to my problem. In short my T100TA was damaged by repetitive force applied to backpack in which it was stored. Everything was working except for touch screen. And not entire touch screen but only upper half of the device (bottom part of the digitizer was working correctly). I got an idea that maybe something got loose (digitizer cable), so I decided to check it out (I had experience with screen replacement). Unfortunately after disassembly I found out that digitizer connector was not damaged or anything, so I decided to do some testing. I started device without fully assembling it (I think screen or digitizer was not connected properly). Device started ok but then I turned it off the hard way (by removing the battery I believe). After that, when I assembled everything, the device is not turning on. When I try to turn it on the led light next to power on button is blinking fast, 5-6 times in a row, camera led is also blinking but nothing else is going on. Lately I decided to disassembly the device again and check if everything is connected as it should be. Unfortunately this time I managed to accidently pull out the CON4602 connector that You can see in this picture right between pliers and fingers.

So I have two questions:

1. Is there any part or service routine that can help me determine what got wrong with screen? Is it broken and I should replace it or something.

2. what is con4602 responsible for? Is this part crucial to the device?

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