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The Sennheiser RS 120 is an RF wireless headphone system with open, supra-aural headphones.

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The right hand side speaker unit has come off the headband.

The right hand side speaker unit has come off the headband. It does not seem broken but I cannot see how it is normally locked in. It just dangles on the cable coming out of the headband. I can't see any screws that can be tightened and no missing screws. Can you help?

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Hello Mark,

I ended up taking the screws off both sides to see what makes it tick. The L.H.S. unit was not broken so I found out that the housing has two niches with lugs that lock in the horizontal "H" shaped end of the band. Both the lugs on the R.H.S unit were sheared off. The solution I adopted was to insert the band back into the unit and drill a small hole in the unit just deep enough to mark the "H" end on the band. Then I just drilled a bit deeper in the "H" end of the band to form a blind hole. Then I inserted the band into the unit and screwed in a short self tapping screw to hold it in. works like a charm. It took me 5 minutes to do. (because I was being careful not to drill straight through and possibly damage the wires in the band). I had thought about gluing it just like you but I opted for the screw option because it is easier to take off if something else goes wrong. I hope you can understand my explanation. If you have any queries please ask. If I knew how to attach a picture (which tells a thousand words) i would to try and make the explanation easier.



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So did mine. Ithe screws are still in place but the ear piece seperated from the band and dangles by the wire. The piece on the band end that inserts into the earpiece does not appear to be broken, but it doesn't snap in like I would expect it to. If no one has a solution I'll probably end up super gluing it in.

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