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An Android smartphone identifiable by the model number d2004 or d2005, released in March 2014.

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Is it possible to repair the lcd connector on the motherboard E1 D2005


I was trying to replace the lcd of an Sony XPERIA E1 and i damaged the lcd connector on the motherboard, i looked around on the internet for a replacement part but i couldn't find the part anywhere. It would help me a lot if someone could help me with this. I've just started practicing micro soldering and i think i would be able to repair it if i just found the part.


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IS there anyone who can help me?


You have to find a expert who specializes in those repairs

Also have to buy the part might be better off buying a new phone


Thanks for the answer!


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You're right that sourcing these parts is waaaaaay harder than actually microsoldering. If you're really into microsoldering, you could try to skip the connector. i.e. solder tiny microjumpers from the flex straight to each pin on the pad.


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Thanks for the answer! I will try doing that :)


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well to be honest with you HOW DID YOU DO THIS? omg isn't it hard by the way. Sony xperia e1 isn't that mentioned BECAUSE PEOPLE CANT BE BOTHERED TO BUY 1 I FEEL SO SAD IM SO SORRY I GOT A PROBLEM TOO I AM SO SORRY

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