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Modèle mi-2009 A1278 / Processeur Core 2 Duo 2.26 ou 2.53 GHz EMC 2326

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When removing battery, touched a capacitor, fried it, fixable?

I was prying the battery terminal off, and stupidly using a thin flat small metal ruler, and subsequently touched a capacitor while still touching the battery terminal and fried it. I'm assuming the logic board is dead but want to get some advice to see if it is repairable.

Block Image

This is a stock image of the logic board in question. The red line points to the item that I believe is a capacitor. The original better res picture can be found here

This is the close up, best resolution I could get but you can see the exposed copper at either end. The capacitor essentially turned into a charred ball.

Block Image

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Its hard to tell is the solder pads still intact? If so you have a good chance here. If you can get a better image of just the component area that can help us see whats damaged.


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brillobean, that is reference designator L6862. It is a 1000 OHM ferrite inductor (filter) in a 0402 package. It is not a capacitor. It is part of your extraction notification circuit of the audio jack. If the copper traces are still okay, you could re-tin the traces and solder a new component on.

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Thanks, yes the copper traces appear to be okay, they were slightly burned up but cleaned up well, and testing it using a multimeter, there is still some flow to one end. Where can a part like that be purchased? The computer does not turn on, I'm assuming that the lose of any component on the logic board would cause that, but do you think that would be indicative of something worse, or would that not be determinable until the part is replaced?


Thhe inductor itself should not be the cause of that. I would definitely repair the traces and replace the inductor, then do further troubleshooting if necessary.


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