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Repair guides and support for your LG TV.

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LG 32LD350 32-Inch tv won't receive cable through cable input?


A few years ago I bought this TV and after about a year it started to not receive cable though cable input. We had our cable come out an look at the line. They tightened the cable line it seemed to work. Then a few mounts ago it completely stopped receive cable though cable input. All the other inputs work fine; HDMI,RCA,RGB... Except the cable input. I hooked up a VCR to the tv via the cable input and nothing, when I connect it via RCA it works. Yes, I changed the input on the tv but still nothing.

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Only option would be is to replace the main board... Here is a link to the part you need. These are the people who I use.

Just make sure that the number on your main board MATCHES the number that they have listed....These people will even tell you how to fix your TV.

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I just avoided the cost and fixed mine, an LG 55 inch LED LCD 3D TV by replacing the coaxial tuner board itself on the main board. I'd only come to that conclusion after taking the chassy off the back of the Tv and saw that the coax tuner was soldered on to its tuner board and the tuner board also soldered to the Main Board.

Whew it was fun though :)


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