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Modèle A1297 / Processeur Core 2 Duo à 2.66, 2.8, 2.93 ou 3.06 GHz

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Is it worth to replace the motherboard

I bought a used 2010 MacBook Pro 17' in Dec. its been upgraded to a 1 TB toshiba solid state hard drive. It has every know program you can think of including a complete WINDOWS operating system you can switch to- software alone is about 3 or 4 grand. Problem is mother board went. Is this worth fixing it. Will I encounter other problems. Before it went had a lot of overheating problems but turned out the first shop who claimed they fixed the mother board just a put a penny under the video card to get going.

Anyway I only paid 700 for it and its a nice machine> Can anyone tell me if its worth saving or should I try and simply recover the hard drive and use the software on another new laptop?? Helpppp

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Whether it is worth saving totally depends on what it will cost to fix it, and what you are willing to spend on it.

Keep in mind with software, if it is on the OSX side, that you can use migration assistant. I am not a fan of Apple hardware or software, but this is where Apple shines. The best feature of Apple's operating system is the ability to seamlessly migrate applications, settings, software, and more. Simply take your drive out of the machine, plug it into a SATA enclosure, then plug it into another machine. Go to go, applications, migration assistant, and you can copy everything over. This process is made smoother if the new machine has the same OS as the old machine. Mavericks in particular is very picky about what it migrates, you'll get that 157 KB to migrate nonsense where it is telling you it sees nothing. Other versions of the OS do not do this.

In terms of the motherboard status. It "went." Went where? Bad LVDS MUX? Bad MCP? Or just a basic power circuit issue? One way to find out. Are you willing to give more information on the problem? Explain what it is doing, what its behavior is, if there is any behavior at all. Tell us if you have the time or inclination to open it up, go measuring, etc.

Also find the people who put a penny on the GPU and beat them within an inch of their life. They give this entire craft a bad name through implementation of ignorant asinine solutions. I think you mean a copper shiv though. Not a penny. A penny would not have fit. This is still a retarded solution because the heatsink is not the issue, the $@$*!& thermal paste, tiny fans, and lack of intake vents are. The heatsink itself makes perfect contact with the CPU & GPU.

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Louis thank you so much, what is a SATA enclosure. I will find out exactly what it's doing and tell you. It was overheating and shutting down to a white screen, then it would come back up. But last time it didnt


Just remove the old drive and plug it into this.

Plug the other end into your new Macbook Pro. Run migration assistant, and done.

Or just plug it in when you are setting it up in the beginning and it asks if you want to grab stuff off another machine/another disk.

Anything but put it in an oven.


This is a great answer Louis--well, aside from using the R-word. Baby steps. I really can't imagine why anyone would downvote this.


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The 17" models are highly sought after. So I would say yes fix it. Then if you really want a newer system (remember 15" or smaller now) sell it to someone who whats the larger display.

Yes, its an older chip design (Core 2 Duo) but for many surfing and light apps it will be more than enough.

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But since the point is to try and save all the software programs on it - I ve been told u lose the programs once you replace it?


Hun? Who told you that? The HD or SSD drive your system has is where the apps are on not the logic board. Just to be clear here we're talking about the correct replacement logic board. No wacky conversions.


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I've had great success baking a couple of the 17" boards. Both had overheated, fans were clogged. You have nothing to loose if you intend on replacing it. Other option is to send it out to be repaired, cost lest than a board.

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But since the goal is to try and save over 3 or 4 grand in software programs will changing the motherboard lose them?


No, you won't loose them. As to cooking your logic board at best its a sort term fix. Most of the time the root issue is a bad chip.




No no no no and NO! Baking motherboards in 2015 is a bad idea and NO ONE SHOULD BE DOING IT for ANY REASON!!

I "fix" my nervous system issues by drinking with my medicine, and occasionally, an Advil PM - it fixes me up just great for a day of microsoldering and repair. And see, I can solder small jumper wires near small chips and make money off of it.. IT WORKED! So everyone should do it.. that's a "fix" - right?


If you actually got the board hot enough to MELT solder, everything would fall off. Put a thermocouple under the chip, by the time it is 220c and you can actually see solder balls melting, your USB ports will fall off, external video will fall off, along with half the other surface mounted components.

It didn't get hot enough to melt solder. Just got to 120c for a few minutes, enough to move the eutectic bumps inside the chip back into place.

I can't believe people are talking baking. in 2015. and then DEFENDING it!! Cut that crap out. :(


Lets not be insulting, read to the end and you will see that I also suggested to having it repaired.

I am on a macbook pro right now that I baked 4 years ago and is working fine so I obviously lucked out in getting one where it was the bad soldering, not the chip. I have done others and of the batch only 2 have failed to date.

And Dan is absolutely correct in that all of your programs are on the HDD, simply removing the drive and using and external case would allow it's use as long as you have all of the proper passwords, keys and numbers.

Alternately you can install the drive into another unit and it should power up like the old unit.


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I have a Macbook pro 2010. The battery was swollen. Replaced it. But it was swollen very bad. Anyway when i replaced it the screen will go to login and thats it

Ant suggestions?

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