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An 18V battery powered angle grinder first introduced by RYOBI in 2014. It was released as part of RYOBI's ONE+ system of tools that all operate on the same battery pack.

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Can I use different batteries with my RYOBI Grinder?

I have a RYOBI Angle Grinder and the battery life does not last long, and is not very powerful. Is it possible to use a more powerful battery?

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Yes you can! RYOBI has created an entire line of batteries to use with their ONE+ line of power tools. Simply click on the link below. From here you can choose which new battery you want for your grinder, particularly the powerful "18V Lithium+" battery.

RYOBI ONE+ Product Page w/ Parts

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This is a better link as it gets you to the batteries:


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Will any cordless charger works on a ryobi grinder?

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It depends on what kind of battery you have for your grinder, not so much on the grinder itself. The One+ batteries appear to come in both NiMh and Li-Ion cells, and those technologies require different charging methods. So unless the charger specifically says it works on both technologies, you'll need to buy the one that's made for whichever type of battery you have.


@larikabannister what exact model is your grinder? Some models use a coded battery that will require a genuine Ryobi charger.


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