Screen shows lines and flickering

I got this one phone that's tricky for me to diagnose. It's an iphone 5c and whenever you turn the screen on, it shows these faint lines. The touch does not work at all on the screen. The phone still runs fine, it's just this screen and touch problem. The screen was replaced before about 2 months ago. I know it's not a screen issue because I've tried another screen and has the same issue. I've tested the same screen on another 5c and it works fine also. So I'm pretty sure the problem is on the board, but just can't figure out where. I've checked the fpc connectors and they're all good. Anyone else have this problem where it is on the motherboard side? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Has been badly dropped?


Double, no quadruple check your connectors. Post some images of your connectors with your question. the lines as well as the no-touch look a lot like connector issues.


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