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Keyboard ans trackpad dont works

Hi guys,

I try repair guide step by step, bur don't work for me. I put another white macbook same model of keyboard, but after mounting the Mac continues with the same problem, not working the keyboard, only the power button functions in the preferences of the system does not appear or keyboard or trakpad. if I put a mouse and USB keyboard works perfect, my doubts what else could cause this problem? any help is welcome. grateful

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Apple MacBook "Core 2 Duo" 2.4 13" (White-08) Specs

Identifiers: Early 2008 - MB403LL/A - MacBook4,1 - A1181 - 2242


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Most of the time this is caused by a liquid spill into the keyboard shorting it out. I don't remember if this model requires an upper case replacement of if just the keyboard can be replaced. To be sure, please give the last four figures of your serial number, located in the battery compartment, so we know your exact machine.

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Thanks for the reply, I change all uper case with one that works on another mac identical to the one in trouble, but even so the keyboard and the trackpad works ship, and not appear connected to the USB ports, as the setup / USB hardware. the last numbers of the serial are: L0P1 and a detail, the battery pack mac not work anymore, the same direct and connected by magic safe.

thank you for your help.

and sorry my poor English.


Please un-accept my answer until we solve your problem. Would you leave this response up and redo your reply in Portuguese

and then I'll run it through Google translate and see if I can understand it.


Your English is much better than my Portuguese ;-)


Obrigado pela ajuda Mayer,

Eu efetuei a troca da uper case completa por uma de outro Macbook de igual modelo, mais mesmo assim no sistema não reconhece o teclado e o trackpad, e a única tecla que funciona em ambos os teclados e o botão de power (on/off), de resto nenhum tecla e aceita. mas se eu plugar um teclado e mouse nas portas USB os mesmos funciona normal. ja pesquisei na internet e não achei uma possível causa para este problema. segue uma tela mostrando onde não aparece o teclado e mouse, este foi tirada de outro mac.



Thanks for the help Mayer ,

I efetuei replacing the upper case complete for that of another Macbook same model , even more so the system does not recognize the keyboard and trackpad , and the only key that operates on both keyboards and the power button (on / off ) moreover any key and accept . but if I plug in a keyboard and mouse to the USB ports work normal. I already researched on the internet and did not find a possible cause for this problem. The following is a screen showing where the keyboard and mouse do appear , this was taken from another mac.


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