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Annoncé le 9 septembre 2014, ce dispositif est la première percée d'Apple dans les objets connectés. Les manuels de réparation d'iFixit s'appliquent à l'Apple Watch (acier) et à l'Apple Watch Sport (aluminium).

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What do I need to build my own band?

My mother is a goldsmith and together we would like to build our own watch band. I was wandering if someone allready deconstructed the mechanical connector for the watch band. Any experience here? Unfortunately my watch will take a while to get shipped...


An update from my research:

there are two projects in the moment, trying to repuild the buckle (that is the mechanical connector for the band) on a industrial level.

click and adappt on indogogo. On Amazon you can find different bands, but without the buckle. But interesting enough, there is one, where you can see the buckle in peaces and how it works, although they are not selling that peace (it is a bit confusing …): apple watch band by aerb inc.

I still can not find specifications for that buckle, not even in the patent for the classic buckle. Is there anyone with a milanese loop or a classic buckle and a 3d scanner at hand? Help would be appreciated …

Another Update

By now there are a lot of producers on, who produce the adapter. The price varies between $3 and $20. We made a sample order for the more expensive one.

Here are some of the producers:

And here are some pictures out of the „factory“

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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the aerb link is not good.


updated the aerb link


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I'm guessing from your posts that English isn't your first language and that may mean you have missed some websites that might have answers to your question. There are various Kickstarter campaigns that are aiming to produce either complete straps or adapters to allow conventional straps to be used. It might be worth checking them out. I hope they can help.

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Links to a couple of these sites would have improved this answer.


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