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Digital multi effects processor.

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Why my SPX900 won't turn on?

I just bought a multi-efect procesor Yamaha SPX900 and I don't know where to start to repair. Thank you

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ray salazar, what does it, or does it not, do?


When I push the power button all LCD and indicator are off but you can hear a little click inside the unit 3 second later. When I turn the unit off I can see a couple of lights flashing in the dB meter. Any idea


Sounds like a bad power supply. You'll have to open it up and take a closer look at the caps of the PSU.


Dear oldturkey03,

Thank you very much. I finally have time to check it, and you are right 4 capacitors in the DC Circuit Board have leaked in the bottom. I'm gonna try to get new ones. Do you recommend to check something else? Regards


Thanks to oldturkey03 we have the solution.

Some capacitors in the PSU were leaking. I replaced them and voilà now is working!!!



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Change the leaking capacitors.

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This unit has a "switch mode" power supply. They lack the large power transformer of earlier "linear" power supply designs. The electrolytic capacitors in switchmode supplies are often the cause of failure. However without removing them one at a time and checking them each with an ESR meter, it is hard to tell which ones have failed. The down and dirty way is to replace them all. I have replaced all of them, only to find that was not the only failed part. There is a semiconductor that handles most of the current that may be hard to located a substitute for.


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