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La version Wi-Fi de l'iPad Air d'Apple, numéro de modèle A1474. Disponible en gris sidéral ou argent, il emploie le processeur A7 personnalisé et est livré dans des configurations 16, 32, 64 et 128 Go.

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Lock function inoperative after screen replacement

I cracked my iPad Air screen recently and have just gone about replacing it. The replacement was a success apart from the lock function no longer works (also does not function through accessibility option). The power function and screenshot function work normally however from the same button.

Thanks in advance for the help.


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I know it sounds dumb but I think its your home button. The lock button runs through the home button. If you're getting some function of the lock/power button but it not working otherwise, I'd swap out the home button and see if that fixes it.

Yes, I know your home button probably works fine, but I really think this is where your problem is.

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Hi Ryan

I have come across this problem before, the flex for the power button runs along the top of the screen into the board. Sometimes a smashed screen can cut the flex or even when you have taken the broken screen off it can cut the flex. Any small cut to the flex can cause it not to work. If you could lift the screen again and inspect the flex, that would tell you wether you need a new power flex or not.

Hope this helps


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When inspecting further, I couldn't find any obvious damage. However, during fiddling inside the iPad, in a twist, the home button has stopped working, and now the lock button is functioning normally again?


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Hi Ryan,

I have the same problem.

After a screen replacement on my iPad Air:

1. the lock function with original Apple iPad Air Smart Cover don't work;

2. the lock function with the power button don't work;

3. the lock function with Assistive Touch don't work!!!

The flex power cable is undamaged.

I'm going crazy..... so, Ryan, have you fixed your issue? And if you fixed it, how?

Thanks in advance


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The problem is the flat of the home button. I've installed several touch on iPad Air, but everytime e install this parts the home button (not original) can't sleep/wake the iPad even with the Smart Cover. When I install the original flat of home button with a high quality touchscreen, it works fine

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