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Why won't my laptop work unless plugged in?

Hello! My laptop is a couple years old and now it won't stay on unless it's plugged into the charger. I was wondering if anyone knew what the problem was.

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Tried new battery still the same


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Matthew Fajardo, I'd start off with a new battery.

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My T520 is beat to !&&* and it is two generations newer than yours. Its battery died two years ago. Your laptop needs a new battery.

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I think your first step should be to buy a replacement battery as it sounds like your charger is still working.

Here is a link to the battery replacement guide:

Lenovo ThinkPad T500 Battery Replacement

And if anything else pops up, here is the link to the general troubleshooting page:

Lenovo ThinkPad T500 Troubleshooting

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