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2.26 or 2.4 GHz / White plastic unibody enclosure

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MacBook Unibody (Model No. A1342) keyboard some keys not working.

Hi all

MacBook Unibody (Model No. A1342) keyboard some keys not working all of a sudden. can not do Pram or Smc because the keys I need are not working.

I tried a different hard drive problem stayed. Swapped out system board problem stayed. Any Ideas what else I could try before going down to the Keyboard level which I will have to buy because I don't have a spare one of those.

Any Help would be great


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Was there a spill on the board? Are the non-working keys in one area?


No Spils and bad keys are all over the keyboard.


Have you tried using a USB keyboard?


i have the same problem, nothing spilled over. non working keys are left shift, area around dcvf and area around ,.-90ö - the wireless keyboard is working properly- the trackpad as well.


@Christian - Sounds like the keys are just worn out. Time for a new uppercase.


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i have only two Keys not working. L and O. Apple care told me they would charge me, because they said I probably spilled something. I did not. I had to buy a usb keyboard That works just fine and I won't renew my Apple care. Those guys are funny. Each time something is not working, It's always the users fault.

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Did you try popping off the key cap and carefully cleaning under it? If you have an older MacBook as listed here the key pads did tend to wear out. If you have a newer MacBook Pro and still under AppleCare you should go back and get it fixed under AppleCare. The issue here is if they open the system and note the moisture markers have changed then they could refuse otherwise they need to repair it under AppleCare. Did you let your AppleCare lapse? That would also be a factor. Lastly, make sure you go to an Apple Store or a real authorized Apple service center as there are other repair places which are not authorized to service under Apple's AppleCare service which could explain why they didn't want to fix it without charging you. I've never had any problems getting things fixed under AppleCare that was covered, and they have even fixed things that are clearly not covered for free! Apple is one of the better companies getting things fixed so I don't know why you encountered issues here.


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