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OS X Yosemite System Won't Load

We bought a used Mac Pro for my daughter to use in her photograpy class. The seller showed me the operating system loaded fine before I bought it. She then wiped the system clean and told me that we would need to download the Yosemite OP. After we got it home, we tried to load the OP, but kept getting the error message, 6002F. We called Apple support, who tried to help, but concluded it is a hardware problem and we would need to take it in. However the nearest Apple Store is 2 1/2 hours away. One thing to note is we have a poor wifi. It is really slow. Not sure if this would be an issue.

Does anyone have suggestions.

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his is usually an invalid node structure. If you have the original system installation disk or a flash drive with Disk Utilities, use it an get to Disk Utilities. Then reformat the hard drive using the "write zeros option". This will map out any bad blocks blocks. Then give the drive one partition and set as GUID. Mac Extended format. Now try to install the system. Let us know if you get any beeps. It is best to restore the RAM to its original configuration if it has been altered.

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It might be faulty RAM, you should test them by pressing ‘d’ while you start up the Mac Pro. You could also check if RAM chips are properly inserted into the slot.

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