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Annoncé le 22 octobre et disponible le 12 novembre 2013. L'iPad mini 2, également connu sous le nom d'iPad mini avec écran Retina, possède autant de pixels que l'iPad Air dans un format plus petit de 7,9 ".

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Difference between ipad mini lcd and ipad mini 2 lcd

Hi, I have a bunch of iPad mini LCD's and I'm curious if there are any physical differences (not talking about resolution here) between ipad mini and mini 2 LCD's? I have a lot to go through so any difference that I can quickly glance at would be very helpful.


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I've found a difference.

If you're looking at the LCD from the back there is a small cable on the right.

On the Retina displays the cable comes up from the bottom of the display.

On the non-retina displays the cable comes from the side of the panel.

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Would like a photo if possible


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Block Image

Block Image

You know, I'm pretty sure you're right. But while looking for both images to show side by side, Google shows both the ribbons the same. I did notice the strip across the bottom missing from the mini1. Tho I can currently only vouch for the mini2 in front of me.

-Both of these images are from a Google search result. I am not the photographer. All credit goes to them, and all that jazz.

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