Phone boot loop after getting water damage

Hello everyone,

A friend of mine dropped her Galaxy S3 mini completely in water. After this she used a hair dryer on it, luckily for not so long. Now the phone is in me, two weeks after being dropped in the water. When you put the battery inside it starts to boot - without pressing the power button, the moment you place the battery the samsung logo appears on the screen and the phone vibrates. Few seconds after this, the boot restarts - vibration again and samsung logo. It does it infinitely until removing the battery. When I plug the phone in the charger, without battery inside it does the cycle only once. Three seconds after the boot has started the phone stops booting and the screen goes black. I tried to enter recovery mode - Unfortunately I have only three seconds until next restart, so I enter recovery mode for under a second and the boot begins again. What could be causing this behaviour?

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