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RAM upgrading for system

Samsung NP300E5Z-S08IN Laptop

Can I put in a single 8 GB RAM module into my system (DDR3 1333 MHz)?

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No. Your laptop can have a maximum of 8GB but you can only use x2 4GB modules to reach 8GB... Go to to find compatible configurations.

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You want to upgrade your RAM to 8GB in your Samsung Lappy. Surely you can upgrade your RAM you have to grab an 8GB DDR3 RAM and use it in your single slot. Now i want to give you some tips if you ever feel that you are running our of RAM.

Use Kodi Tv app for streaming Movies and shows instead of using Netflix or Hulu, it also consumes lesser RAM and lesser battery, which ultimately helps you in enhancing the performance of your Lappy.


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