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My tv screen stays black when turned on but I have sound

My tv screen stays black when turned on but I have sound

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What model is your TV? What have you checked?


Samsung 46 inch Ln46d550 I read on opening TV and cutting a wire but not sure which on for this model.


I know this is a Samsung q/a board but there is no q/a for Emerson.


Hi @scottecamel,

If you post your 'comment' regarding the problem with your TV as a new question you will hopefully get helpful answers.

Have you got a DMM (Digital MultiMeter) at all? If so with the power cord disconnected from the wall outlet, using the DMM (Ohmmeter function) place the meter leads across the power cord pins (i.e. test back into the TV) and see if you get a reading at all. If not you can start tracing the power path (you should get a reading up to where the fuse is, as you said it was blown.

BTW here is some info regarding the TV

The quick and dirty way to possibly fix it given that the problem occurred after a power outage is to replace the power board and hope that the problem did not spread further than the power board and that the fuse and closely associated components bore the brunt of it..

Here is a link to just one supplier. Scroll down to find the board. There are other if you search online


I do have a DMM, but the cord doesn't unplug from the back of the TV like a Samsung does. It is connected inside the the cover.


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Sean colgan, it seems most likely that the problem is either the backlight or the power supply for it. Samsungs have a well-known issue with bad caps in the PSU section. Check those first. Of course you do want to make sure that your TV is unplugged. Leave it unplugged for a couple of hours (overnight) Of course you also want to try a different video source. More information when we know what model this is.

Check the diodes on the power supply. Those have a tendency of failing on this model.

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I have the same problem (monitor goes black after 2 seconds, but the sound is still working). Could it also be the diodes?

Checked them and they seem to be okay.. However, I did see a small brown (looks burned) spot on the white side of the printboard. Right next to a diode.

Will investigate with a multimeter later today.

Edit: investigated the diode. Diode seems okay, the printplate however, the contacts of the diode are a little burned.

Should I change the diode and repair the back of the plate?

(Samsung P2770HD)


I have same no pic but sound,tv man looked at it and said there fault in the screen itself and said I would be out the price of a tv to fix it seem to me he wasnt bothered


noreenmercelle what model is your TV and do you know what has been checked? Does your screen show anything?



I have a un60hu8550f has sound and backlight. I have voltage at the T-con and get a few vertical bright colored lines for a second if I fiddle with one of the ribbon cables going to it. Ive changed the main board last year for a fan error issue.

Does this sound like Tcon issue or worth trying to get a service manual and try to component troubleshoot? Thank you


My tv is black not showing anything


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Maybe you got problem with your backlight. What tv you use? Led or Lcd? If you use Led tv mybe LED at the backlight is broken. Check your led with multimeter 1xohm. Detect which one not working and replace it. You can order your led at

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how do I check the back light


switch light of in sitting room if you do it at night get flash light put it in front of screen check all round screen to see if you see a pic thays how you lnow if its the bk light or not


i got the same problem but my TV is different model blaupunkt, i tried to put flash light as to see what is happening, yes there's a picture but its very dark you can't see without a flash.


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  1. Unplug and remove back.
  2. Check all ribbon cable connections. Make sure they are all fully seated.
  3. Put back on and check.
  4. If still nothing, see if led backlight is working by turning on in a dark room. Should see slight glow if led is on.

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Im having a problem with my 42inch Telefunken Tv if I put my plug in the power plug the back lights switch on but stil on standby if I switch on the Tv it working fine but backlights stays on if I switch of the tv


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