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Processeur quad-core Intel Core i7 à 2,0 GHz, 2,3 GHz ou 2,6 GHz (Turbo Boost jusqu'à 3,8 GHz) avec 6 Mo de cache L3 partagé.

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No video after liquid spill

Louis, I have a FD57 dual graphics in with a liquid spill. I replaced the keyboard. Machine runs fine except for no internal display. I saw no evidence of logic board contamination. External monitor works fine. A flashlight shown thought the Apple shows the desktop. The retinas are new to me - I only get the old sh*t to work on. On a C2D this would be the inverter. So I assume it's something like a LED driver board but where is it and how do I fix it? Please teach me because I bought this machine.


Board# 820-3547a

Pin #1 battery disconnected in Diode Mode reads 0.423

Pin #1 Battery connected & machine on reads 4.97

Pin #1 Battery disconnect & LCD disconnected 0.582

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HDMI SD Card Module 820-3547-A


read 820 number off main logic board, not right i/o board


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Are you sure that's the right 820 number? I can't find any retinas with that. 820-3787 or 820-3662 are the ones for late 2013. Hopefully this is 3787 because 3662 has nothing in terms of schematics.

No diode mode measurements with power running through, it will let the smoke out!

Measure voltage on pin 1 of LCD connector with it on. 0v, 12.6v, or something higher? 0v means something is gone completely, 12.6v means something is there but the circuit just isn't boosting.

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Louis: just to be sure I've got it right, the #1 pin is to the back edge or to the center of the logic board? And yes, the battery is disconnected and isolated before using the diode mode. Using Fluke 87 for measurements. I will double check the 820- number but am sure Richard sent you the one imprinted on the motherboard. Thank you for your help on this.


It's the pin all the way to the right when oriented so the LCD cable plugs in on the top. 820-3547a is a USB/HDMI/wifi board, not a logic board, please get 820 number from actual logic board!


Thank you for the pin info. I'll get that info most likely Sunday or Monday and resend it to you. Sorry I missed the right board. Will get that to you at same time. Thank you very much for your help and patients . Ken


Louis, I'm covered up right now. How about if I just send it to you? Can you email a link to where to ship it and an estimate? Thanks


Mac Laptop Repair Specialist, 186 1st ave, frnt 1, New York, NY, 10009. Price depends on what winds up being wrong with it. Just put a note in the box with contact information and you'll hear within a day, any no backlight issue on any Apple board is a 90 second job at this point so feel free to tell customer turnaround time that is just the shipping both ways and nothing more.


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