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Why does my MacBook 2009 A1181 backlight not stay on

For about 3 years I had been dealing with my screen backlight shuting off. I would then dim the screen up and down until I could get it to stay. Sometimes it would work the first time other times I would be doing it for 10 minutes and other times I would give up for a few hours and come back and the screen would be on again. It would also do this sometimes when I opened the laptop at a certain angle or bumped the computer.

Well after these years very annoying behavior, my screen wont turn back on. I can see my desktop when I shine a light on the screen and hear the fan running so I know the computer works fine.

I've tried unpluging the inverter board to see if it was a loose connection, but that didn't work. I tried wiggling it around until the screen turned on and nothing.... Please help!

Is this a problem with my inverter or the inverter cable? Or the backlight cable?

What parts should I buy?

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1 solution

Sounds like your LVDS cable, which is very easy to replace, but quite tedious. There is a guide for disassembling the screen assembly here so follow that and just replace the thick black cables behind the lcd screen.

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