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L'iPhone 5c d'Apple a été annoncé le 10 septembre 2013. La réparation de cet appareil ressemble aux modèles précédents et nécessitent l'utilisation de tournevis et d'outils pour ouvrir. Disponible en tant que GSM ou CDMA / 8, 16, 32 Go / blanc, rose, jaune, bleu, et vert.

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Split Screen? green lines and half the screen appears?

So I had the screen replaced on my 5c about 6 months ago. It has been working fine. The other day I tried to turn it on and there are green lines going up and down on half the screen. I can see my lock screen on the other half, but cannot open the phone. If someone calls I can answer, but can't text or open any notifications. The part of the screen I can see it the left side - so I can see there are texts and notifications but I can't open them? HELP... I don't want to have to get a new phone!

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A couple weeks ago there was some kind of update sent to my phone and since then my phone got slow and sluggish and occasionally turning off to 0% battery once my battery got below 20-30%. then eventually, after one of its shutdowns last week, I just got a blank a white screen with some lines (kinda looking like a poor tv signal except no movement).


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Sounds like the screen is just damaged or the connections are loose

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First, take a look to the LCD flex cable connector if is it broken/damaged.

Second, LCD flex cable is not well connected to the LCD connector.

If everything is fine, your LCD is damaged.

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