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The Philips model GC8220/02 is a pressurized steam generator that uses a 1.4-liter detachable water tank for ironing and steaming fabrics.

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Why my steam iron can't get steam come out

The steam iron, I get the problem is steam don't came out...when I press the pressure button on the handle ,steam don't came out n the water still get boilling no steam out. How can I fix it?

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I would try using a 50/50 mixture of distilled water and vinegar. I use this mixture to clean my coffee pot and steam mop. 90% of the time it works everytime!

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I just find some good web page. This problem is related to electronic, pump power supply.

I hope it will help You.

Best regards!


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How can I solve my steam generator problems, it do trip off if you pressed pressure bottom on the handle and steam doesn't come even after I cleaned it with 50/50 with white vinegar. Bello


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